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Research Activities

A number of research projects are being undertaken by members of the Structural Engineering and Mechanics Research Group. A substantial portion of the work is carried out by research students under the supervision of staff members. Some of these projects (with the involved members of staff shown in brackets) are:

♦ Analysis of heterogeneous deformation and size-scale effects in micro- and nano-scale structures

Computational Mechanics and Electro-elasticity Towards Improved Understanding of the Biomechanics of Myocardial Infarction and the Development of Novel Therapies

♦ Development of group-theoretic formulations and algorithms for computational problems in solid and structural mechanics

♦ Dynamic modelling and vibration control of high-voltage overhead power transmission lines under South African conditions

Electro-mechanical coupling of electro-active polymers

Fatigue Crack Growth

♦ Modelling of the dynamic response of lightweight stadium structures subjected to crowd-induced excitations

On modelling the dynamics of walking and running – an interplay of external forces and muscle contraction

♦ Optimum stability design of stiffened containment steel shell

♦ Performance of cold-formed welded tubular steel joints

Real-time and patient-specific simulation of soft organs

♦ Studies of the long-term structural performance of hyperbolic concrete cooling towers at thermal power stations in South Africa